Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Mattilda Arabians Loyalty Program is a yearly competitive program to Honour,Promote and Recognise the efforts of owners and the Arabians or Arabian derivative horses bred by The Estate of the late Nola Mary Cameron (Marbling Arabians) and Mrs Lynne M Bunce (Mattilda Arabians).

The Mattilda Arabians Loyalty Program will be run in a competitive format covering all disciplines available to the Arabian breed and at all levels of competition, from local to National competitions.

Points will be awarded from 1st to 6th placing in official and unofficial competitions and results will be accumulated and easily viewed on Mattilda Arabians website www.mattildaarabian.com

2021 Loyalty Program.

1. Competition runs from 1st February 2021 through to 31st January 2022.

2. Open to all horses bred by and listed as registered horses in the Arabian Horse Society of Australia Stud Book for the Estate of The Late Nola Mary Cameron, AHS Membership# 3321 and Mrs Lynne M. Bunce, AHS Membership# 30274.

3. Entry is free.

4. No closing date for nomination.

5. Anyone wishing to participate should nominate their Horse via email to mattildaarabians@gmail.com. Details must include the horse’s name, age, AHS Registration number and owners details.

6. Mattilda Arabians will add to the prize pool $50.00 for every eligible horse entered.

7. Total prize pool is capped at $1000.00 in 2021.

8. Results from all Equine Competitions in Australia and Overseas (for horses residing overseas) are eligible.

9. The Arabian or Arabian Derivative with the most points as of 31 January 2022 will be awarded 75% of the total prize pool and 25% to the Arabian or Arabian Derivative with the second highest points accumulated.

10. Competition Results must be forwarded to Mattilda Arabians via email (mattildaarabians@gmail.com) for inclusion in the Loyalty Program. Details required are Placing, Date, Rider/Handler, Organising Club and Photo of Horse, Rider/Handler with award. (Results will be verified with the Organizing Club), photos could be displayed on Mattilda Arabians website.

11. Competition results in all social media posts of Arabians and Arabian Derivatives entered in Mattilda’s Loyalty program are required to include #mattildaarabiansloyaltyprogram. Failure to do so could render competition points earned invalid.

12. PLEASE NOTE: Owners are responsible for forwarding Results to Mattilda Arabians and this must be done within a 2-week period of the competition date.

13. Results not forwarded to Mattilda Arabians within 2-week period could be invalid.

14. Points per competition; First place-6 points, Second place-5 points, Third Place-4 points, Fourth place-3 points, Fifth place-2points, Sixth place – 1 point.

15. Champion/Reserve Championship Award, Hi Points Award, Supreme Champion Award, Completion of Endurance Ride, Best Conditioned Award, Pony Club Rally attendance are valued at 5 points each.

16. Mattilda Arabians or Mrs Lynne Bunce reserves the right to exclude any horse, alter or close the Loyalty program without prior or formal notice.

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